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Transformational Movement Lessons (TMLs)

TMLs are group lessons of individuals lying comfortably on mats on the floor.  The lessons utilize gentle movements of the body to awaken your brain.  Each TML is unique, focusing on different areas of the body. You will quickly gain insight into how your body is moving, and will discover new ways to move that are easier and pain-free.

TML lessons are taught at Ohm Yoga Center in Halifax, VA.  New Classes at Nature’s Essentials and other locations in Danville coming soon!

Class Schedule (June/July 2014)

Sundays 4-5pm ($10 per class)

Call for information on additional classes


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Individual Lessons

Functional Synthesis (FS) Lessons

FS lessons are a more personalized and focused lesson on movement.  You’ll state your desired outcome for reduced pain or ease of movement and together we’ll retrain the brain to your more ideal level of health.  You’ll lie fully clothed on a table or sit in a chair as I move your skeleton in subtle ways to suggest new options for your brain.  Most people experience changes in just one lesson.  FS lessons can be done at Ohm Yoga Center, Nature’s Essentials in Danville or in the privacy of your own home.

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